joi, 18 aprilie 2013

Raiden 2046

Fly in the blue sky! You are the lord of the sky! ! !
Raiden 2046 will take another swoon on flying shooting games! ! !
Gorgeous fighters and powerful weapons! ! !
Upgrade your fighters to make yourself be invincible! ! !
Use your phone to experience the pleasure of sky shooting game again! ! !

Raiden 2046 is a fly shooting game. Players shall tap the screen or use G-sensor to control the fighter to fly, get rewards to upgrade your weapons and armors, collect coins to buy more powerful equipments. At last, you will be the lord!

★★★★★ Extremely realistic 3D game scenes show you the details of aircrafts exploding and missile launching.
★★★★★ Superb hot background music
★★★★★ Simple game control with gravity sensing and screen touching
★★★★★ Submit your score to the global ranking list to complete with the players around the world!
★★★★★ Powerful upgrading system of weapons and equipments!